Silent Auction

ASA Annual Silent Auction and Raffle

Was Held in Conjunction with the 

ASA Annual Awards Event

Saturday Afternoon, October 20, 2018 


The ASA wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the following people and organizations who donated to this worthy event. Proceeds of this event are donated to Saluki Tree of Life (STOLA) and the Saluki Health Research Foundation (SHR).

Kim Allison

Ann & George Bearden

Marilyn L. Brown

Cathy Chapman

Debbie Dillman

Wendy & Brian Duggan

Robin & Patrick Garcia

Linda & Jim Griffin

Dagmar Hintzenberg Freisleben

Kathy Jones

Karen Lonero

Cathy Smith

Margaret & Sam Smith

The Saluki Club of America

The American Saluki Association


Thank You!!


Please note that there were some donations that did not have the name of the donor listed.  We are sorry that we could not acknowledge your gift. 


Kathy Jones, Committee Chair