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ASA Newsletters cover all aspects of the Saluki with articles on health, breed history, obedience, coursing, rally, specialty and TSE results, including quarterly breed statistics. Throughout the year, we feature such events as the Annual ASA Celebration and shows in Lompoc, including the annual perpetual trophy winners; open field and lure coursing articles, coursing trophy winners; the ASA Desert Match and ASA Trophy Supported Entry shows. With annual membership dues, association members receive all four newsletters, beginning with a Fall issue and ending with a Summer issue.The ASA Newsletter is only available to Association members and only ASA members may place ads in the Newsletter.  Newsletter ads may be paid for using PayPal or with a check or money order in US funds. Cheecks should be made out to the ASA or American Saluki Association.


ASA Newsletter Editor and Advertising Rates

Tracy Larkin Cox, Editor

3400 Ness Cliff Way, Carmichael, California 95608  


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Black and White  $25

Color $40

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             Rate for one page black and white (with one photo)  - $80

              Rate for one color page - $155

              Rate for two color pages - $275

              Rate for three color pages - $415

              Rate for four color pages - $550

              Outside back cover - $350 

              Inside front cover - $275

              Inside back cover - $225

Please see Page 2 of any issue beginning with Fall 2014 for additional information on formatted advertisements

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